Soot can be a real problem for those homeowners who have a fireplace in their living room. This is because there are times wherein the soot from the fireplace can accidentally get on the carpet and make the latter look ugly and dirty. Having a big soot stain on the carpet can be a real predicament, particularly if you have light colored carpets in your home.

Removing soot can also be tough because it can be stubborn and won’t be removed easily. If you are having this problem at home, don’t worry though as it is not an impossible task to do. To make it a bit easier for you to remove the soot stains on your carpet, here is a guide which I have prepared to help you out.

• First, use a vacuum cleaner using its crevice tool to help remove the soot from the carpet. This is important in order to prevent it from spreading to other portions of the carpet. If the vacuum cleaner is not successful in removing all of the excess soot particles, you can remove it by blotting the area with a paper towel or using a dull knife to scrape it off carefully from the carpet.
• After removing the soot particles, it is now time to address the dark stain that it has caused. You can help remove this by blotting it with a cotton ball which has been dipped in some isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will help in breaking down the stain so that you can remove it much easier. Continue blotting until there are no more particles transferring onto the cotton ball.
• Next, you will need to prepare a cleaning solution which you will apply on the stain. Get a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and mix it with ¾ liters of water. Place some of the resulting solution inside of a spray bottle and spray the affected area of the carpet several times.
• Get a clean white cloth and start blotting the soot stain on the carpet. You will notice that the soot will be transferring onto the cloth’s surface. Continue doing this until the entire stain is removed. You may need to apply some more cleaning solution every now and then in order to be more effective until you are able to get rid of the stain completely.
• Rinse the carpet with some water in order to remove any excess soot or cleaning solution residue which may be left behind. Dry the carpet with some clean towels before you start using the carpet once again.

You see, soot stains can be removed easily if you know the right steps to do. Be sure to keep this guide on hand the next time you have problems with soot stains on your carpet.

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