Rust stains can be one of the harder carpet cleaning problems that homeowners have to deal with. It can come from the rusty furniture or objects that your carpet comes into contact with. This predicament is very unfortunate as it can leave your carpet with a big, red stain that is not easy to remove. This is particularly true if you have a white or a light-colored carpet.

Nobody wants to have rust stains on their carpet which is why eliminating it as soon as possible should always be done by a responsible carpet owner. To deal with the rust stains on your carpet, follow the instructions below to have the best chance of getting your carpet rust-free once more.

• Get some lemon juice and place this inside a spray bottle. Then, spray the rust stain on your carpet several times. Let the stain soak in the lemon juice for about five minutes before proceeding to the next step.
• Then, use a clean white cloth and blot the area to remove the lemon juice. As you remove the lemon juice you will notice that some of the rust has transferred onto the cloth’s surface. This is a good sign that the method is working.
• Now, grab some non-bleach dishwashing liquid and mix one teaspoon of it with a quart of water. Apply a considerable amount of this onto the rust stain and let it soak again for a bout five minutes.
• Afterward, start blotting the affected area repeatedly using a clean white cloth until the stain is removed. Sometimes the rust stain can be removed easily but in some instances it may take several tries before you get rid of it.
• Once you have removed the rust stain, rinse the area you finished cleaning with clean water. This will help eliminate any cleaning residue which may be left on the carpet. After rinsing the carpet, dry it up completely using clean rags or towels.
• If the rust stain still persists despite repeated attempts of cleaning it, it may be time for you to call in the cavalry. If this occurs, call professional carpet cleaners to help you solve the rust stain problem for you.

Rust can be a hard problem to face for any carpet owner but there are ways on how to remove it. Hopefully the guide above will help you in cleaning the rust stain on your carpet so that you will get it back looking just the way it was before.

If you are looking for cleaning options for your rug, one serious method that you should consider is steam cleaning. Choosing the right cleaning technique or method to clean your rug is important and steam cleaning surely fits the bill as one of the most effective and efficient methods to use. For those who are still unfamiliar with this cleaning method, steam cleaning entails using a steam cleaning device which makes use of high temperature water being released at high pressure to remove the dust and dirt from your carpet fibers.

So what makes steam cleaning such a good method? What are the advantages that it has? Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should try out steam cleaning when cleaning your carpet.

Efficiently and Effectively Cleans Your Carpet – If you are looking at an efficient and effective way to clean your carpet, steam cleaning is one of them. Steam cleaning utilizes hot water being dispersed at high pressure to remove the dust and dirt from your carpet. This gives the carpet a deep clean, even reaching areas which aren’t ordinarily reached by vacuuming and other common cleaning methods. If you are trying to remove deep seated dirt and stains, steam cleaning will certainly do the job for you.

Helps Eliminate Germs and Bacteria – This is yet another advantage of steam cleaning. The fact that it uses high temperature water has the effect of killing off germs and bacteria that can be lurking in your carpet fibers. Nobody wants to have a filthy carpet teeming with health hazards, which is why using steam cleaning to kill these unwanted germs and organisms is recommended. With steam cleaning, you’ll be able to make your carpet clean, fresh, and hygienic all at the same time.

Environment Friendly – Another big impact of steam cleaning is that it does not have any harmful effects on the environment. Certain types of carpet cleaning can leave negative effects on the environment as well as to you and your family’s health. Steam cleaning uses water, which can be mixed with vinegar to make a more potent solution, which is environment safe and won’t be harmful to your health. Getting a clean carpet and saving the environment can all be had by using steam cleaning on your carpet.

These are just some of the biggest pros of using steam cleaning on your carpet. Try it out and see for yourself how effective this cleaning method can be.

Having a nice, enjoyable party inside your home is definitely one way to unwind. Spending some quality time with your buddies and friends will surely bring with it a great time, but sadly it can bring some mishaps too. During a get together like this, you are bound to have some mishaps that can really cause a lot of concern for any carpet owner. Spilling some beer on your carpet is definitely something that have a high chance of happening.

Beer spills on the carpet can really have a huge effect on it. It can cause in a big stain as well as making your carpet smell like alcohol even hours or days after your party. Cleaning this mess up is proper and to help you I have listed below some advice that I follow when facing this problem.

1. Absorb The Excess Beer from the Carpet – Do this by getting a clean sponge and dabbing the beer spill on the carpet. Do not rub the spilled area because you may just end up spreading the spill to other parts of the carpet. Just dab and then squeeze it onto an empty container. This will help clear the area so that you can properly clean the stain that’s on your carpet.
2. After clearing the area of any excess beer, the next step is for you to use a carpet cleaning product to help remove the stain. If you don’t have any commercial carpet cleaning product around your house, you can make one by mixing a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a teaspoon of white vinegar together with a quart of clean water. With this cleaning solution, the beer stain on your carpet will surely be no problem as this will help eliminate the stain as well as the nasty odor that a beer stain has.
3. Apply the cleaning solution which you made and then wait a few seconds before doing anything. Then, get a clean cloth and then proceed in blotting the area making your way from the outside of the stain going inward. Repeat this until the stain is totally gone. It will usually take several attempts but soon enough your carpet will be stain-free and odor-free.
4. Rinse the carpet with water, particularly the area where the spill used to be. This will help in removing any excess residue which can actually damage the carpet. Once you have let the carpet dry up, you can already start using it once again.

Water damage is an unfortunate situation which some carpet owners have to deal with. It is a pretty big issue because if you do not do the right thing then you can find yourself needing to buy a completely new carpet to replace the one damaged. Buying a new carpet is expensive and it is quite a hassle which is why hiring a good carpet cleaner to restore your carpet for you is a good option instead.

But it is not simply good enough to just flip through the yellow pages or do a quick internet search for the nearest carpet cleaning company in your area. This important task needs the proper effort and you should always take steps to ensure that you are hiring the right people for the task. Carpet restoration is very significant and can mean the difference between saving your carpet from water damage or going shopping for a new one instead. To really be sure you are hiring the best company for the job, here are a few questions that you should consider asking when looking for a professional cleaner to do your restoration for you.

1. How Often Do You Do Carpet Restoration Work? – This is a good question to ask because this will give you an idea if a carpet cleaning company has previously done carpet restoration after water damage. It is always recommended that you hire a company which as already experienced handling these types of problems before as it is not really something that you should entrust to a newbie carpet cleaner.
2. How Soon Can You Do the Job? – This is important because everyone knows that carpet water damage needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. The longer you wait before having your carpet cleaned after water damage will increase the chances that it will be totally beyond repair. The common timeline to have the carpet cleaned after water damage is within 48 hours which is why it is important that you hire a carpet cleaner which can do the job within that timeline. This is one of the first questions that you need to ask when talking to a carpet cleaner.
3. Do You Have a Guarantee? – Guarantees are important because even good carpet cleaners can have some lapses or errors in their work which you would need to have redone. Some companies have great guarantees in that you wouldn’t need to pay for anything more. They will simply go back and do the job for free. Some others don’t have a guarantee which means that you’d need to pay for them to fix the lapses they made in the first place. This is why it’s vital you hire the company which has a good guarantee so that you won’t have any worry regarding their service later on.

Who wouldn’t want a nice, cold, delicious ice cream on a hot, sunny day? Ice cream is delicious and certainly one of the comfort food that men and women, young and old all love to eat. It is sweet, creamy, and comes in a ton of flavors so there is surely something for everyone. You can eat it anywhere too. While walking in the part, in the office cafeteria, or in the comfort of your living room.

Sadly, eating it at home can have some unfortunate consequences. Accidentally spilling it on your carpet can cause quite a problem and this is certainly a common issue that many homeowners experience. This is particularly true if you have kids around your home as they certainly love to play with their food which can create a mess. Still, it’s not yet time for you to give up on cleaning up this mess. It can actually be done pretty easily if you know what you are doing. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to quickly clean up the ice cream stain on your carpet.

1. Scoop up all of the ice cream spilled on your carpet as soon as possible. You may use a spoon or a dull knife for this step. Just be careful not to make the mess even worse though.
2. Once you have scooped up all of the spilled ice cream, get a sponge or a paper towel and blot the affected area with it. This will help remove the melted ice cream from your carpet.
3. Now, get some isoprophyl rubbing alcohol and pour some of it onto a clean white cloth or a cotton ball. Then, use this to blot the ice cream stain on the carpet. You will see the stain on the carpet will improve but you may not be able to eliminate it completely.
4. Next, you will need to make a cleaning solution that will help remove the stain. All you need to do is to mix a half-teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a cup of warm water. Place the mixture inside a spray bottle so that you can have a lot of control on how much of it you will apply on the stain.
5. Spray the ice cream stain a couple of times with the spray bottle filled with the cleaning solution. Then, get a clean white cloth and start blotting the affected area once again. Repeat this step as often as necessary until you get rid of the ice cream stain completely.
6. Rinse the area with a cup of water and dry it using a wet/dry vac to finish everything up.

Ice cream stains don’t have to give you a headache anymore. Just follow the tips and you’ll surely get rid of the stain in a jiffy.

A wool carpet can really add elegance and class to your home which is the reason why it has become very popular nowadays. You would need to keep it clean and fresh though as any dust and dirt can make it look ugly and unflattering. Another common issue aside from its look which can really affect wool carpets is unpleasant odor coming from cigarette smoke. This is fairly common in households who have smokers inside the home. The cigarette smoke can seep into the wool carpet fibers and sooner than later you’ll smell the nasty cigarette odor even if no one is smoking inside your home.

Eliminating this unpleasant smell is important as this can ruin the atmosphere inside your home. It can also be pretty annoying and embarrassing especially if you have visitors over from time to time. If you want to eliminate the cigarette smoke smell on your wool carpet, read the guide below to help you achieve this easily in just a matter of a few simple steps.

1. Get the materials needed for this cleaning activity. What you will need are baking soda, an empty baby or talcum powder container, and a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Once you have all of these then you can start the process of eliminating the nasty cigarette odor from your wool carpet.
2. First, place some baking soda inside the empty baby or talcum powder container. This will help you regulate the amount of baking soda that you will be sprinkling onto the carpet.
3. Once you have this ready, proceed to your carpet, particularly where the cigarette smoke is originating from. Then, sprinkle the baking soda using the container and walk all over your carpet, making your way through every inch of it and continuing the sprinkling as you go. This will leave a nice, even layer of baking soda on your carpet which will slowly absorb the unpleasant odor from the carpet fibers.
4. Let the baking soda set overnight to really let it absorb all the nasty cigarette smell. The following morning, you need to use your heavy duty vacuum cleaner to suck up all of the baking soda along with the nasty cigarette smell that it has absorbed. This will leave your carpet finally smelling clean and fresh.

You see, cigarette odors on your wool carpet can be removed pretty easily using the baking soda you can find in your kitchen. Try this out for yourself and help eliminate that nasty cigarette smell from your home now.

One of the many problems that carpet owners have is the rising costs of keeping it clean and properly maintained. From the cleaning materials to the cleaning products that are needed to achieve this, homeowners are left spending tons of money just to keep their carpets looking nice and clean. If you are a bit tight on your finances then this may just be a problem for you.

Don’t worry though as there are a lot of options that you can use to still get your carpet clean without spending so much money on commercial carpet cleaning products. One of these is to make cleaning solutions on your own using simple and easy to acquire materials you probably already have inside your home such as vinegar, ammonia, or dishwashing liquid. This is a great alternative to expensive carpet cleaning products and can really be very helpful to save you some cash.

Here are some of the advantages of using homemade cleaning solutions to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet at home:

1. Saves You a Lot of Money – Why spend tons of your hard-earned money to keep your carpet clean and to remove any marks and stains on it when you can simply make a cleaning solution on your own. The money you can save using this method is clearly one of its biggest advantages as you can still have a well maintained carpet without the need to buy the name brand carpet cleaning products in stores. You get the same effect for only a fraction of the cost, so why choose to spend more when you can simply make a homemade cleaning solution which can get the job done too.
2. It’s Easy to Make – What may worry some people is that they may be scared of not knowing how exactly to make the cleaning solutions on their own. Well, this should not be the case as all you would really need to do is to combine the ingredients, either white vinegar, ammonia, or dishwashing liquid with some water and voila, you’ve got yourself a nice and effective carpet cleaning product. The ratio may depend on your preference, but usually for vinegar and ammonia, one part of it mixed with four parts water will do the trick. As for the dishwashing liquid, just mix a teaspoon of it for every cup of water and you’re good to go.

With these great benefits to using homemade carpet cleaning products, I don’t really see any reason why you don’t try it out for yourself. Give it a shot and save some money while still keeping your carpet clean and beautiful.

A lot of problems can happen to your carpet such as stains, spills, and burns. One event which can really ruin it though is water damage. Having water damage to your carpet because of a burst pipe or a leak on your roof can be one of the most problematic situations ever encountered by a carpet owner as this can potentially ruin your carpet completely and render it useless unless you take the proper approach.

Acting swiftly and correctly is important in order to save and restore your carpet from water damage. For those who are dealing with water damage on their carpet, check out the list below of the important things to remember when you are dealing with carpet water damage.

• Act quickly and try to clean up the mess as soon as you can. Don’t let the water stay on your carpet longer than possible. Try to clean it up immediately to try and prevent any long term damage and to be able to restore your carpet to its former condition a lot easier.
• Check first whether the damage can be restored and cleaned on your own. If you are dealing with minor water damage only then you can go ahead and try to do the restoration yourself. If on the other hand you are dealing with very severe water damage then maybe getting the help of professional carpet cleaners would be the best option. Don’t try to take on a task which is beyond your capabilities as this would only make things worse and put your entire carpet at risk.
• Depending on the source of the water, disinfecting your carpet should be one of the first things that need to be done when undertaking a restoration. Some water sources such as an overflowing toilet may be full of germs and bacteria which makes your carpet unhygienic. Don’t proceed any further in the restoration until you have disinfected the entire carpet with a anti-bacterial cleaning solution to avoid risking your health and that of your entire household.
• The drying process may take a long time so it is important that you be patient and not use the carpet until it is completely dried up. Make sure to keep it elevated at all times when drying it and keep it away from any foot traffic to be sure that it is restored properly and without any issues.

Keep these things in mind if ever you find yourself restoring a water-damaged carpet. Hopefully these advice can help you in cleaning and restoring your carpet back to great condition.

There are tons of cleaning problems that can happen to your carpet rendering it dirty, unattractive, and sometimes even cause it to become unhygienic. Taking proper care of your rug to remedy these issues is important in order to have the best chance of keeping it looking clean and fresh always. After all, a carpet can be quite expensive and is an investment that should be handled correctly in order for you to fully maximize it.

Nobody wants their carpets at home to look dusty and dull as well as having spots and stains everywhere. To help you avoid these issues, here is a list of some of the common carpet cleaning problems as well as solutions that you can use to solve them.

Spills – Spilling stuff on your rug is very common and can come from different sources. The most common type of spills are food and drink spills but other types of spills can also become very problematic for the carpet owner. Spills may be remedied by immediately removing all of the loose particles on the carpet. For solid food particles, you can use your fingers to pick it up while for drink spills you’ll need to use a sponge or a clean cloth to absorb the spilled liquid. Never rub the spill as you’ll just make it worse.

Stains – Most of the spills that might happen on your rug may likely result in a stain which can really alter the look of your carpet. Stains are a bit trickier to clean as the marks left by the stain is visible and won’t be removed easily. Like with spills, cleaning stains as soon as they happen will help in improving your chances of removing it. Use a cleaning solution which you can buy from the store or make one on your own using vinegar or dishwashing liquid to apply on the stain. Then, use a clean white cloth to blot it repeatedly until the stain is removed.

Discoloration – Discoloration usually occurs for a variety of reasons. One of which is the build-up of dust and dirt which can affect the color of the carpet. If you don’t clean it properly, the dust can build-up over time and cause light colored carpets to become brown and unattractive. Remedy this problem by regularly vacuuming your carpet. Usually three to five times a week is the recommended frequency for heavily used room while twice a week will do for lesser used ones. Also, having your carpet professionally cleaned once in a while can also help solve and prevent this problem from happening.

Are you dealing with these kinds of problems in your carpet? Well, check out the solutions above and help yourself have an easier time solving these troublesome carpet cleaning problems at home.

Wool rugs are among the most popular kinds of rug around. Not only is it very beautiful and comfortable, it is also one of the most durable kind of rug which clearly adds to its appeal. If you have a wool rug at home, you should exert the proper effort in trying to keep it clean and well maintained. Sadly, some homeowners don’t realize that they are actually making mistakes in handling and cleaning their wool rugs and it usually ends up in it getting damaged or ruined.

Don’t let yourself fall prey to these simple yet costly mistakes when cleaning your wool rug. Here are some of the common errors that you should always try to avoid when cleaning and maintaining your wool rugs at home.

1. Not Cleaning Liquid Spills Immediately – Yes, while wool rugs are a bit more durable and water-resistant than other types of rugs, it is not wise to wait a long time before cleaning up drink and liquid spills on it. It can still be subject to staining which is always a big concern for rug and carpet owners. Don’t be too complacent and let drink spills set on your wool rug for a while before starting to clean it up. Always clean up any kind of mess on your wool rug as soon as possible to avoid potential damage to it.
2. Only Cleaning When It’s Visibly Dirty – This is especially true when it comes to dark colored rugs. While white colored rugs can become visibly dirty fairly easily, dark colored rugs may take some time before the dust and dirt can affect its appearance. The mistake many people commit is not cleaning their wool rug unless it looks dirty. This is a big mistake which can lead to the ruin of your rug. The dust and dirt can slowly accumulate in the rug fibers without you really noticing it. This build-up can be very bad for the rug as it can slowly damage it over time. Prevent this silly mistake by always cleaning your wool rug regularly even if it doesn’t look all that dirty to ensure that it is always free and clear of dust and dirt particles.
3. Using the Wrong Cleaning Solution – Wool rugs can be a bit sensitive to certain kinds of rug cleaning solution. Sometimes, a rug owner may not realize that they are using the improper product until its too late and they have already ruined their rugs beyond any help. Don’t make this costly error and avoid this predicament by simply testing out the cleaning solution you plan to use first on an unnoticeable part of the rug.