Spills and spots are something you NEVER want on your carpet. The rest of your carpet may look beautiful but your attention will be stolen by that one pet stain on your carpet. Even though you may not notice the stain right of the bat, you will notice the smell and wonder where it is coming from. The bottom line is, that stain and that smell needs to come out! Even though you can not rewind and go back to that moment, you can get your carpet professionally cleaned and rid it of the unsightliness of it as well as the odor.

Pet urine is one of the worst problems you can have in your carpet. These spots can be cleaned up if you act quick.. An important factor in removal is the time. Get to the stain before is soaks into the back of your carpet and then into the padding. Its understandable that you will not always be able to get to it on time. If a regular steam cleaning will not remove the spots, then you have one of two mildly expensive options. Replace the carpet padding beneath the carpet or use the sub-surface extraction method.

The Stain may have sunk down into the padding and not just the carpet. This situation calls for much more than a regular cleaning. The affects of a regular steam cleaning on this spot will not be long lasting. This will signify that the stain has in fact saturated you carpet padding. You should get the water claw treatment if you want to avoid the heart ache of replacing your carpet padding. Your carpet must be resaturated with a mix of enzymes and deodorizer in order for the water claw treatment to work. It is best to let the solution sit for 15 minutes after you poor it so that is can get deep into the backing of the carpet. Afterwards we will use a tool that will concentrate the suction and remove the spots that we re-saturated. The powerful suction will cause the backing of the carpet to be rid of the pet stain. Biological enzymes are employed to eat up the urine in the carpet. This treatment is primarily used on severe problems.

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