Gravy is one of the things that you can’t be without when eating fried chicken or turkey. It simply makes these delicious foods even better. Having your family together for a fried chicken dinner while watching your favorite television show in the living room can be one great evening, unless you accidentally spill some of the gravy on the carpet.

Gravy spills can really be problematic for any homeowner. It will leave a big, dark stain on the carpet surface if you don’t know the proper procedure of cleaning it up. It may be a bit challenging but with the right information you can get it done with minimal effort. Check the guide below to help you solve that gravy spill problem on your carpet.

1. Remove the Excess Gravy Spilled on the Carpet – To do this, you simply need to get a clean white cloth or some paper towels and then start blotting the soiled area. Do this as soon as possible to prevent the gravy from penetrating the deep parts of the carpet. Remember not to rub the area with the cloth because this will only cause the spill to affect other areas of the carpet.
2. Dilute the Gravy Stain With Water and Blot It – Next, try to dilute the gravy stain by applying a few drops of water on it. Then, try to get another clean white cloth and blot the stain once more. This will help you remove some of the stain from the carpet and onto the cloth but it won’t entirely solve your problem.
3. Prepare a Cleaning Solution Made of Non-Bleach Detergent – In order to remove the gravy stain effectively, you will need to make some cleaning solution by mixing a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with ¾ liters of water. Place this inside the container and proceed to the next step.
4. Apply the Cleaning Solution to the Stain and Blot Again – Now that you have prepared the cleaning solution, apply some of it onto the stain and then proceed in blotting it once more. This time, more of the stain will transfer from the carpet and onto the cloth’s surface. This is a good sign which means that the method is working. Repeat this step until all of the stain is gone.
5. Rinse the Stained Area with Water – After removing the stain, the last step that you’ll need to do is to rinse it with water. This will remove any cleaning solution residue from being left behind.

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